Secure Company Laptop

How to setup a Laptop for a new Job?

  Start by adding your laptop to the company’s domain, which will allow centralized management of the device. This step is important for ensuring that the laptop adheres to the company’s security policies and configurations. Also, integrate the device into the inventory tracking system to monitor … read more

Best budget laptop for programming

Best budget laptop for programming in 2023

You don’t need an expensive laptop with all the latest features for your programming career. Based on my experience, a capable laptop with sufficient processing power, RAM, and graphics card can handle nearly 90% of typical programming tasks. I spent five years as a professional web … read more

software for mechanical engineers

Software Used by Mechanical Engineers

Mechanical Engineers are often perceived as people who do hands-on work to build automobiles or robots but in reality, they spend a significant amount of time in the office in front of the computer working on software as an essential part of their job.  Mechanical engineers … read more

cpu generations and models

A Guide to Understanding CPU Generations and Models

Overview The Central Processing Unit (CPU) is a fundamental component of every computer system, serving as the brain that executes instructions, performs calculations, and manages system resources. Without a CPU, a computer would be incapable of functioning or running any software. The performance, speed, and efficiency … read more